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How to care your ear

Using ear buds to clean ear is dangerous. If you have an ear blocked by ear wax, attempting to clean it with pin or ear buds can worsen the situation.


Ear canal is a curved tube closed at one end by a thin paper like membrane (ear drum). The tube tends to narrow down in the middle. A thorough and complete cleaning of the ear with ear bud is not at all possible. When you try and clean with ear bud, it  will lead to partial  removal of the  wax partially .The rest of the wax is pushed onto the ear drum which can lead to  ear infections and can lead to accidental damage to ear drum. If this build-up of earwax presses up against the eardrum, it can mean it doesn’t vibrate as well and therefore cause hearing problems. The eardrum is easily reached with a swab.

Usually there is no need to clean your ears. The skin inside the ear acts as a conveyor belt. It travels along your ear canal from your ear drum bringing any debris and ear wax with it. The ear canal has specialized cells that produce cerumen (ear wax). For some people, ear wax accumulates much faster than others. This can lead to wax build-up that causes decreased ability to hear at times pain.

Always get the ear wax cleaned by an ENT.